Desiree Basl

During my internship with the Institute of Neuro Innovation, I felt part of a very special cohort as I enhanced my understanding of neuroscience and medicine. As I shadowed Dr. Vokshoor during clinical and surgical procedures, I observed the requirements and expectations a physician must not only meet but surpass to effectively provide quality patient care. During clinical and surgical days, I became well acquainted with numerous health care providers, each of who contribute to the diverse practice of medicine.

I quickly learned how essential it was to become fully immersed into the field as each patient-interaction, diagnosis, surgery, and post-op recovery stage was extremely unique. Each step of the way Dr. Vokshoor provided detailed information on concepts he felt may be foreign to me such as diagnosis, procedures and terminologies. Dr. Vokshoor tested my new knowledge by challenging me to make tentative diagnosis, explain procedures and read MRI scans. In addition, he encouraged me to always ask questions and take initiative. With a combination of hard work, perseverance, and a perpetual dedication to teaching and improving the realm of medicine, Dr. Vokshoor provided me an incredible opportunity of acquiring clinical and surgical experience in the speciality of neurosurgery. The variety and depth of my interactions has given me valuable insight toward understanding the importance of each factor that contributes to the large scope of medicine. My internship with I.N.I. has impacted my educational and professional career immensely and widened my awareness, allowing me to develop my own voice in the the ever evolving field of medicine.