Our Philosophy

INI believes that even the smallest act of kindness or service has great value. We strive to make a positive impact every day in our community. From small acts, like helping the elderly cross the street, to larger, coordinated acts, like providing free neurosurgery to homeless and disadvantaged patients, we strive to continuously give back to our community.

How We Help


INI provides neurosurgical care to the homeless and those suffering from financial hardship at no cost. We have helped disadvantaged patients with both brain and spine-related surgeries at Saint John’s Health Center and West Hills Hospital.

INI provides all veterans with free sessions at NeuroVella to help ease the symptoms of various psychological and physical disorders typically associated with their service, including chronic pain, concussions, PTSD, and depression.

INI participates in international medical missions to provide neurosurgical healthcare to people who would otherwise not have access to these treatments.