Emergency Spinal Tumor Removal

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JB was admitted to the Emergency Department because he lost his ability to walk. He had been having chronic back pain for a few months along with some leg weakness, but his symptoms became rapidly worse. Along with acute paraparesis, he had urinary retention, rapid weight loss, and an “electric shock storm” of radiating pain from his back.

In the ED, a radiologist determined through a spinal MRI that he had a tumor at T7 (mid spine) that was causing severe central canal stenosis, cord compression, and spinal cord edema at that level. There were also multiple other enhancing lesions within his thoracic spine suggesting metastatic disease (cancer). With a diagnosis of metastatic cancer of the spine, JB needed surgery right away, so he was connected with a neurosurgeon specializing in spine surgery.

JB knew he needed the surgery, but unfortunately did not have any medical insurance. He discussed his options with Dr. Vokshoor, who knew what to do. He connected JB with INI! We coordinated his care, setting JB up with everything and everyone that was needed for his surgery at no cost: operating room, neuromonitoring, surgeon, PA, anesthesiologist, nurses, and technicians.

A few hours later, the emergency surgery began. The tumor was successfully excised and his spinal cord was relieved of pressure. We wish him the best in his recovery.