Sara Rashidi

After spending a valuable time with Dr. Vokshoor, I did not only learn about the different sub-specialties in neurosurgery, but I also had the incredible opportunity to observe a holistic approach that a neurosurgeon -like Dr. Vokshoor- can take to treat his patients.

Majoring in Psychobiology during my undergraduate years at UCLA and being involved in several neuroscience labs both locally and globally have always sparked my passion in the field of neurological sciences and the art of neurosurgery. As a potential future neurosurgeon, he has inspired me to not only look for the physical pain in my patients, but also investigate their mental well-being for a much better and smoother operation results and post recovery satisfaction. I am looking forward to getting more involved with INI by establishing new research projects and collaborating with other physicians that ultimately share a common value of deep and precise patient care.