Lauren Weiss

This internship has provided an unparalleled experience in examining and participating in the life of a neurosurgeon. Dr. Vokshoor is a master of his craft and this opportunity has given mea perspective into understanding the healing arts. This branch of medicine requires making split second decisions where there is no margin for error, and it was a privilege to work along side such a dedicated physician.

Dr. Vokshoor is an integral part of the team of professionals in the OR and clinic, and models expressing gratitude to others who contribute to a patient’s care. His initiative to take on challenging cases with a positive attitude and his persistence to succeed is rare. Each step in diagnosing a patient’s case is reminiscent of a puzzle that he skillfully pieces together.  Dr. Vokshoor is an inspiration to me and is constantly reminding me of why I want to go into the medical field.  Through this program, the Institute of Neuro Innovation is developing a blueprint to further cultivate the next generation of minds and medicine.