Justin Galvis

Shadowing Dr. Vokshoor has been a fantastic eye-opening experience into the life of a neurosurgeon. For a pre-medical student as myself, it was enjoyable, informative, and most of all, fascinating. It is one thing to learn about human anatomy and medicine in an academic setting, but it is an entirely different and necessary experience to witness the application of what is learned in the classroom, particularly when considering a career in the medical field.

This internship showed what it is like to be a good physician while feeding my aspirations of a medical career. In particular, Dr. Vookshoor had one case that really resonated with me. This case was regarding a patient who experienced difficulty controlling leg movements and walking, but only during times of stress. Although saddening, it was also truly fascinating! This patient was an example of how psychological and mental wellness can affect physiological aspects; two things that most people believe to be independent. This program is a “must-do” for everyone!