Taylor Shulte

Shadowing Dr. Vokshoor in clinic and in the operating room was an incredible experience. I was able to learn so much about neuroscience, surgery, and the clinical process of diagnosing and treating patients.

In addition to this, one of my favorite parts was witnessing Dr. Vokshoor's interactions with his patients. His ability to help the patient fully understand their diagnosis and treatment plan is not something you can learn from a textbook. One day during my internship, a former patient stopped by the clinic to express his gratitude to Dr. Vokshoor for changing his life and giving him the ability to walk again. It was an inspiring moment to witness. Dr. Vokshoor is a highly respected and talented neurosurgeon with fascinating ideas and goals for the future of the field. Thank you I.N.I. and Dr. Vokshoor for providing this unique and rewarding opportunity.