Sanket Rege

I would unreservedly recommend this internship to anyone regardless of their background or interests; such is the charismatic and inspiring nature of Dr. Vokshoor.

His close relationship with his patients is immediately evident from his interactions with them in the clinic; he goes beyond what I had perceived to be the duties of a clinician by demonstrating genuine compassion and concern for his patients’ physical and emotional well-being that is akin to having a good friend who is also your physician. Witnessing Dr. Vokshoor in surgery was equally inspirational; his vast knowledge and surgical expertise are brought together in the OR as indicative of the distinguished neurosurgeon that he is, while his compelling persona as a leader is apparent with the respect and rapport he commands from his colleagues in the OR. This internship is more than just shadowing, as Dr. Vokshoor explains the details to every diagnosis made in the clinic and surgical procedure carried out in the OR. He also encourages you to ask questions and entrusts you with the responsibility of making pertinent contributions to patients’ charts. As a neuroscientist, my main goal from this internship was to witness the clinical side to some of the diseases that I study in the lab. I have gained that and so much more from the internship; I am determined to pursue my career with the same passion and dedication that Dr. Vokshoor does as an exceptional and talented neurosurgeon. He truly is a great mentor and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him.