Sindhur Rao

This internship at the Institute of Neuro Innovation was truly an amazing experience. It was a privilege to be able to witness a number of different surgeries that Dr. Vokshoor performs on a regular basis such as laminectomies and spinal decompressions.

Through the many surgeries that I was able to watch, I refined my knowledge of the anatomy and complex medical terminology that was involved in these neurological operations.

Not only is Dr. Vokshoor a fantastic neurosurgeon, but he is one of the most kind and compassionate medical professionals that I had ever met. He always strives to provide each one of his patients with the best possible form of care during his appointments. Furthermore, he ensures that his interns have the best experience possible while shadowing his day to day operations. During each appointment and surgery, Dr. Vokshoor would take the time to explain to me the anatomy and medical terminology of various X-rays or neurological conditions as well as answer any questions that I had along the way. I am forever grateful for this incredible opportunity by Dr. Vokshoor and his staff and will take this experience with me as I move forward in my medical career.