Scott Goldberg

My educational internship with the Institute of Neuro Innovation was deeply engaging. Dr. Vokshoor made a point of keeping me involved throughout the week, whether that meant gathering patient information, taking clinical photographs, or observing surgeries. Dr. Vokshoor took time out of his busy schedule to explain different cases, and was more than willing to answer any questions that I had.

I was particularly inspired by the way that Dr. Vokshoor gave full attention to his patients, who were clearly grateful for his care. Observing him not only made me appreciative of his craft, but also excited about the prospecting of healing patients in my own medical career. This fascinating and informative week allowed me to more fully understand life as a physician, and peaked my interest in pursuing a neurologically related field in the future. I am grateful to have had this opportunity, and would definitely recommend it for others looking to have an immersive medical experience.