Severija Saladziute

My internship with INI provided me with an incredible opportunity to experience a few days in the life of a neurosurgeon. As a pre-medical student with a passion for neuroscience, I marveled at the intricacies of each case I experienced in the clinic and in the OR. I was able to observe four unique spinal surgeries while Dr. Vokshoor and other members of the surgical team graciously provided explanations and answered my questions at various stages. In the clinic, I was especially impressed with Dr. Vokshoor's interaction with patients. Despite shadowing during a very busy week, I noticed that Dr. Vokshoor always made time to build rapport with new patients and provide comprehensive care to follow-up patients. Ultimately, this experience has motivated me to charge forth in pursuit of a career in medicine this upcoming year. Thank you to Dr. Vokshoor and all the staff for this wonderful experience.