Emergency Brain Tumor Removal


TZ noticed that for the past couple of months, he would have difficulty concentrating which would lead into headaches. What made his more recent headaches stand out were his associated difficulty reading. He sought care from an ophthalmologist because he thought there was something wrong with his vision, but the ophthalmologist sent him straight to the Emergency Department because he knew quickly that it was neurological.

Left PTO grade III glioma

Left PTO grade III glioma

TZ had a history of seizures and had previously had glioblastoma multiforme (fast growing brain cancer) removed. In the ED, he was diagnosed with receptive (Wernicke's) aphasia and quadrantopia (a visual field cut) secondary to a left parietal-temporal-occipital (PTO) enhancing mass, which imaging indicated was likely a high-grade glioma.

To determine if the clementine-sized mass was metastatic, a resection of the tumor was conducted. Pathology determined that the mass was in fact a grade III glioma, brain cancer that needed to be removed immediately.

The next day, TZ went under anesthesia and Dr. Vokshoor conducted the image-guided craniotomy. He separated and excised the tumor from deep intracranial structures including the lateral ventricle and deep white matter tracts.

TZ tolerated surgery well, but he was distraught when his insurance would not cover his emergency case.

INI knew what to do. We worked to eliminate his bill and helped him register for insurance that he could afford to cover his postoperative radiation treatments.