Craniotomy and SRS

Right posterior temporal malignant neoplasm in extra-axial space

Right posterior temporal malignant neoplasm in extra-axial space

SG, a young woman, had been experiencing constant headaches and scalp tenderness near her right ear for a few weeks. She sought treatment when the radiating pain became more severe.

She had a history of various cancers and a full body PET scan a few months earlier revealed that she had various nodules that were of concern for neoplastic involvement (abnormal growth of cells, possibly malignant).

A new MRI of her head found that she had a cherry-sized, heterogeneously enhancing mass in the extra-axial space of her right posterior temporal lobe, through the right temporal bone and into the deep fascial tissues of the scalp. This means the mass was in her head, bone metastasis was possible, and the mass could grow into her brain. She needed a neurosurgeon.

After reviewing her history, imaging, and symptoms, Dr. Vokshoor diagnosed her with metastatic malignant neoplasm to the brain and skull. They discussed an urgent surgery to excise the mass and reconstruct her skill. Unfortunately, SG was dealing with financial hardship and was unsure how to proceed. That is when Dr. Volshoor brought INI into the room. Together, we made arrangements for SG to get the surgery she desperately needed by alleviating her financial barriers.

The next week, she went under anesthesia and her craniotomy began. Her scalp was shaved and a small incision was made over the right temporal parietal region. The extracranial tumor was visible and a small piece was resected and sent for analysis. The tumor was found to be consistent with metastatic adenocarcinoma, as expected. A hole was made in the skull and the cancer was meticulously removed.

SG followed up with Dr. Vokshoor, and we referred her to physical therapy. Unfortunately, a couple of months later, a follow-up brain MRI showed that she had a new marble-sized enhancing mass in her left parietal lobe. To treat this new malignant neoplasm, we also helped her receive stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), a treatment for small tumors of the brain.