Robert Kim

My internship at INI with Dr. Vokshoor gave me valuable experience and insight on not just the field of neurosurgery but the ins and outs of health care in general.

The internship was extremely involved – there was never a moment where I had nothing on hand, whether it was a clinical task or observing something new. During his clinic rounds, Dr. Vokshoor did an excellent job of making sure I was always actively learning about neuroanatomy; at the same time, I learned a lot about patient-doctor patient relations from his professional and empathetic demeanor. When I was shadowing during surgeries, Dr. Vokshoor would always find time here and there to explain his progress throughout the procedure. He also made sure to introduce me to the rest of the surgical team, which allowed me to learn about the other roles vital to neurosurgery. As short-lived as this internship was, I took away more knowledge than I had first hoped for, and it is definitely one of my most memorable experiences within the field of medicine.