Cord Compression Leads to Disability


AE had been having numbness and pain in her lower back and legs for over a year. She had tried all conservative treatment options, including injections and physical therapy, to no avail. Her pain was worsening, so her pain management doctor referred her to Dr. Vokshoor for surgery.

After discussing AE’s imaging and symptom progression, Dr. Vokshoor recommended surgery due to her progressive radiculopathy from significant spinal cord compression (due to disc herniation with left foraminal rupture), progressive neurologic deficit, and recalcitrant pain. Her pain was preventing her from conducting normal everyday activities, and had recently cut into her ability to be independent.

Although surgery was the only option she had left, AE was hesitant to agree because she could not afford the surgery due to her current financial circumstances. INI was glad to be able to help her get the surgery she needed. We helped coordinate her surgery with with the hospital and all assisting parties to make sure she was able to have the surgery at no cost.

Dr. Vokshoor performed a L4-5 posterior lumbar interlaminar microdecompression in addition to a microdiskectomy. He also removed a fragment from the foramen at the same level. This surgery gave her spinal cord the much needed room it had been missing, and her L4 and L5 nerve roots were now both free of compression.

Since her surgery, she has been following up with Dr. Vokshoor for postoperative care. The last time we saw AE, although she had not yet fully recovered, she had great resolution of most of her symptoms and her pain was virtually gone! We wish her the best of luck in her continued recovery.