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Brain Massage with Peter Oppermann

Come celebrate the vernal equinox by joining Institute of Neuro Innovation (INI) for a special Brain Massage meditation event lead by Peter Oppermann at Unplug Meditation!

Brain Massage is a cutting-edge meditation experience designed to help you reach deeper states of relaxation and meditation. Peter’s gentle guided visualizations take you on a deep inward journey and are brought to you via modern wireless headset technology. The class features MindTravel musical compositions and binaural beats which are based on extensive neurological research to enhance the experience.

A German engineer turned meditation teacher, Peter has practiced meditation for over 25 years and studied with some of the most renowned meditation teachers and transformational leaders such as Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Lama Surya Das, Geshe Michael Roach, Stanislav Grof and Arjuna Ardagh. 

Peter has also been an entrepreneur for 20 years. After leaving a promising engineering career in Germany, he started a furniture company in Berlin and New York with the intention to bring mindfulness to the workplace. Later he founded ‘Karmabuilders’, a social enterprise in the Bronx, NY training ex-prisoners in mindfulness and job skills. 

Based in Los Angeles, fluent in German and English, Peter teaches at meditation studios and organizations including UCLA and Google. Peter is also a life coach and works with clients internationally.
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