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We help physicians set up HIPAA compliant data collection for Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), participate as an investigator or sub-investigator for a current study, or create and design an original research study.


We match patients seeking innovative methods to promote their own healing to clinical trials employing research-backed technology and innovations.


We connect with companies that are interested in running clinical trials and gather high quality data to validate the safety and efficacy of their products. We are a site for IDEs and post-market trials for biologics and devices. 


Our Research



Our ongoing commitment to functional research explores the safety and efficacy of the latest technologies in spinal surgery through prospective and retrospective studies. Our goal is to identify devices that most effectively improve patient outcomes using validated metrics and radiographic imaging.

As a clinical research site for various private practices, we hope to capture and utilize the wealth of data available in each clinic to advance future care through the research and development of new technologies, spinal devices, and biologics. We are actively recruiting and enrolling patients in the following functional studies. More information can be found about each trial on 

  • A Multi-Center, Open-Label, Prospective Study of a PEMF device as Adjunctive Care following Cervical Fusion

  • A Multi-Center, Open-Label, Prospective Study of a PEMF device as Adjunctive Care following Lumbar Fusion

We are also currently conducting the following retrospective study and seeking physicians with relevant data to help substantiate our model.

  • Two- to Five-Year Retrospective Analysis of Factors Associated with Failed C-ADR Surgeries Using Bayesian Methods



Future Directions

Through collaborations with other research organizations, community partners, and small businesses, we are pursuing investigations into the following studies. We encourage and welcome interested partners who would like to join and contribute to our efforts to send inquiry emails to 

magnetic field.jpg


Bilateral Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) as a Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Cognitive Training Treatment Program for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease


miRNA & Concussion

Pilot panel study examining longitudinal expression of miRNA in blood and saliva in high school athletes with concussions




Our past publications and presentations are available and open access to all who are interested in our work. Please email us to request access to full text:

Retrospective Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Allograft in Integrated Interbody Cervical Devices for One or More Level ACDF Procedures. Amir Vokshoor, M.D. & Johny Tran, B.A. Western Neurosurgical Society, Banff, Canada, September 2017.

Evaluation of Interspinous fusion in Minimally Invasive Lumbar Surgery Amir Vokshoor, M.D., Arian Esmaili, B.S., & Sanjay Khurana M.D. 2012.

Radiographic Evaluation of Fusion and Clinical Outcomes in Minimally Invasive Lumbar Surgery using Spinous Process Fixation. Amir Vokshoor, M.D., Arian Esmaili B.S., Sanjay Khurana M.D., Dean Wilson, PA-C, & Peter Filsinger M.D. Western Neurosurgical Society 2012.


We were a clinical research site for the following studies that have recently completed enrollment and data collection. More information can be found about each trial on

  1. Safety and Efficacy of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields as an Adjunct to Enhance Union in Conservatively Treated Type II Fractures of the Odontoid Process

  2. Prospective, Multi-Center, Nonrandomized Study to Assess Posterolateral Lumbar Fusions Using Synthetic Bioactive Glass Morsels

  3. Prospective Clinical Evaluation of Standalone Cervical Interbody Fusion Device

  4. Prospective Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of PLIF using 3D-printed Titanium Lumbar Cage


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