With a vested interest in neurologic optimization, I.N.I. is founded upon a universal mission to restore, protect, and improve brain function. Through this approach, I.N.I. has the capacity to serve a wide array of individuals. Our target population is diverse: from those afflicted with neurologic injuries, to those at high risk for acquiring degenerative diseases, to those simply interested in maximizing their individual brain performance - I.N.I. serves a multifaceted community.

Alzheimer's Disease

With the increase in life expectancy, diseases associated with cognitive decline become more prevalent. By focusing our research in understanding the causes of neurologic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, we intend to reduce the rates of progression and enhance cognitive function.
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Athletes with Concussions

By trying to understand the cognitive changes in athletes who have experienced repeated concussions, we aim to realize more proficient measures of diagnosing those changes, as well as alleviating long-term effects of concussions.
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PTSD has severely affected the lives of many individuals who have undergone traumatic events, with little to no cures for the disorder. By novel methods of controlling unwanted brain activity, we hope to provide relief for those re-experiencing such traumatic events.
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Chronic Pain

About 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability.  

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