I.N.I.’s research endeavors focus on the cognitive and functional components of the nervous system. We aim to utilize the foremost innovative technologies in neuroimaging, as well as the latest devices in spinal surgery.

Cognitive Research

I.N.I. is committed to exploring the brain’s plasticity for improving cognitive well-being. We are currently exploring research studies on diverse patient populations whose cognitive functions have been impacted (PTSD veterans, high-performance athletes). Current studies are exploring methods of meditation, functional MRI, and neurofeedback training to improve patient symptoms, and therefore, improving quality of life. By utilizing the advancement of neuroimaging, we hope to enhance comprehension of cognitive decline for diagnostic and treatment purposes.
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Functional Research

Our ongoing commitment to functional research explores the efficacy of the latest devices in spinal surgery, retrospectively as well as prospectively. Our goal is to identify devices that most effectively improve patient recovery time, and therefore, improve their quality of life.
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