The Institute of Neuro Innovation (INI) is proud to offer a week-long, unpaid educational internship program in which students are able to shadow Dr. Amir Vokshoor. By observing Dr. Vokshoor in both an outpatient clinical setting and the operating room, interns get a first-hand look at the life of a neurosurgeon.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out this application form.

This opportunity is available to individuals interested in neuroscience. We encourage students of all backgrounds to inquire about this opportunity. We require that you be at least of junior standing if you are an undergraduate student. For any additional questions or inquiries, please email

Testimonials from students who have completed the internship:

Melissa Larcher

Shadowing Dr. Vookshor and his staff was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had thus far, not only did I learn a great amount about the neuroanatomy but about direct patient care as well.

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Scott Goldberg

My educational internship with the Institute of Neuro Innovation was deeply engaging. Dr. Vokshoor made a point of keeping me involved throughout the week, whether that meant gathering patient information, taking clinical photographs, or observing surgeries. Dr. Vokshoor took time out of his busy schedule to explain different cases, and was more than willing to answer any questions that I had.
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Sindhur Rao

This internship at the Institute of Neuro Innovation was truly an amazing experience. It was a privilege to be able to witness a number of different surgeries that Dr. Vokshoor performs on a regular basis such as laminectomies and spinal decompressions.

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